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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasoic Flaw Detection

Advantages of ultrasonic flaw detection:

  • ① Strong penetration ability, and the detection depth can reach several meters;
  • ② It has high sensitivity and can find a reflector with the reflection capacity equivalent to the air gap with a diameter of about a few tenths of a millimeter; The size of detectable defects can usually be considered as 1/2 of the wavelength.
  • ③ It is more accurate in determining the orientation, size, shape and of the internal reflector;
  • ④ The object to be inspected must be approached only from one side;
  • ⑤ Defect inspection results can be provided immediately;
  • ⑥ Safe operation and light equipment.
  • Disadvantages of ultrasonic flaw detection:
  • ① It shall be operated carefully by experienced personnel;
  • ② It is difficult to inspect rough, irregular, small, thin or heterogeneous materials;
  • ③ It is still difficult to make a very accurate qualitative and quantitative characterization of the defects found;
  • ④ . not suitable for structures with cavities;
  • ⑤ Unless taking photos, there are few traceable materials left.

ultrasonic flaw detector

CK2108 hand held ultrasonic flaw detector adopt the latest technology of ultrasonic flaw detection.

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