RTS18-B Portable Dual-Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

RTS18-B portable dual rail ultrasonic flaw detector can detect various defects and cracks on the rail head, waist and rail bottom during the travelling of the flaw detection trolley. The system has two modes: A-scan and B-scan. B-scan is the scanning mode used in actual detection driven by encoder to continuously collect and record corresponding information. The encoder generates a pulse every 3mm, and the flaw detection trolley collects the probe signals on the left and right rails in real time according to the pulse signal.

The probe adopts wheel design, each probe is equipped with 9 channels, and each rail uses one probe for acquisition. There are 18 channels in total for the dual rail, which ensures that the flaw detection system can comprehensively and reliably detect the rail and avoid the loss of the probe caused by high-speed movement.

  • Highlight A/B scan LCD interface
  • Special railway measurement certificate
  • Linux based user interface
  • Dust-proof & water-proof design
  • Withstand harsh outdoor environment
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RTS18-B  Dual Rail Hand push Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

RTS18-B  hand push dual rail ultrasonic flaw detector uses customized chassis, high-performance data acquisition box and rugged tablet , which ensures that the detection system can have high reliability and easy to operate even in harsh field working environment.

RTS18-B hand push dual rail ultrasonic flaw detector uses one Roller Search Unit (also called wheel probe) on each rail. Inside each roller search unit there are 9 probes. The dual rail scanning system can detect defect in the rail head, web and the base area, and it has the characteristics of accuracy, timeliness and also comprehensiveness.

Flaw Detector Specification

Main Processor: 500MHz

Channels: total 18 channels, 9 channels in one roller search unit for two roller search units.  In the roller search unit, there are ONE 0 degree compressive probe,  TWO 37 degree shear wave probe, SIX 70 degree probes.

Display mode: simultaneous A-scan and B-scan

Frequency Range: 4~5MHz

Repetition Rate:  Driven by encoder, 3mm/pulse

Pulser: 520V negative spike

Detection Range: Applicable to 90~145lb Rail (including UIC 60 E1 and E2)

Testing Speed: up to 5km/hour

Gain Range:  0~80dB in 1dB step

Alarm: Threshold level adjustable, slope line detection

Data file recording range: 200 miles, selectable up to 400 miles

Battery: Lithium 14.4V, 10.0 ampere hour up to 9 hours. Recharge time 4 hours

Charger:  100~240VAC, 50~60Hz

Display:  Amorphous silicon TFT LCD panel with LED, 8.4 inch diagonal, 800×600 resolution, high brightness.

GPS:  Differential GPS, 1Hz, < 5 meter.

Temperature Range:  Operating -30oC  ~ 80oC (-22°F~176°F),

Storage -40oC  ~ 85oC (-40°F~185°F),

Push Cart Specification

Material: Aluminum

Water tank: 25 liters

Temperature Range:  Operating -30oC  ~ 80oC (-22°F~176°F),

Storage -40oC  ~ 85oC(-40°F~185°F)

Weight: 45kg, each part of the cart is no more than 10kg.

Product Image

The trolley can be easily assembled and disassembled. The following picture is the parts when it is disassembled.

Each part is no more than 10kg, the weight of the whole trolley is less than 45kg. The assembly time is less than 3 minutes.

Sample B-scan Image

Sample B-scan Image





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Additional information
Channel Qty

9 Channels x 2

Scan Type

A/B Scan

Target Rail


Maxim Detection Speed


Detected Rate


Work Temperature

-15℃~ 45℃

Work Voltage