UR18-D Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle

The UR18-D Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection vehicle, adopts ultrasonic wheel probe technology, with two 9 channels ultrasonic wheel probes. Data from total 18 channels of two rails are displayed on LCD screen, the military grade high-intensity in the form of B-scan. The wheel probe ensures the good coupling of ultrasound, which is on the track with high wear on the curve section, or on the track with bad rail surface, and can effectively detect the flaws at the rail head, rail bolt hole breaks and transverse defect at rail base. The detection rate can be up to more than 90%.
The detection vehicle equips with an alarm system, for automatically pop-up a zoomed window, with view of the alarm section, which is convenient for the operator to make decisions in real time. The vehicle frame material Titanium alloy, patented split design with each part less than 60kg. , The vehicle uses lithium battery for environmental protection and continuous power, and energy saving with a detection speed of 15 kilometers per hour. This ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle can work in worse environment,  -30℃~45℃ (-22°F~113°F). (View the application scenario of the device in extremely cold areas)
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Product Details:

UR18-D ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle uses lithium battery drive, patented disassembled structure design. As a result, only two people can carry every module. The travel speed of  the vehicle is 20km/h, the detection speed is 15km/h. This automatic ultrasonic testing vehicle is suitable in different railroad, such as state-owned railways, private railways, ports, mineral company track and also city metro. 

UR18-D ultrasonic rail flaw detector

UR18-D ultrasonic rail flaw detector project

System Components

  • The dual-rail ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle contains probe, instrument, probe centering mechanism, walking platform and auxiliary device.
  • The running platform consists of the vehicle body, walking wheel, transmission device, brake device and power supply, etc.
  • The auxiliary device contains safety protection devices, lighting devices, meters and coupled water tank.

Technological Requirement

  • The primary and secondary waves is to detect transverse cracks of the rail head.
  • Overall components facilitate the adjustment and maintenance of all parts. with a lightweight, modular design, a single module not exceeding 60kg, and total weight exceeding 240kg (excluding battery and coupled water), and assembly or lower disassembly within 5 minutes.
  • Running operation and detection system can be controlled independently, can drive in two directions.
  • Maxim driving speed: not less than 20km/h.
  • Maxim constantly detecting speed: no less than 15km/h.
  • Endurance: not less than 60km or 4h by constantly work.
  • Mileage positioning accuracy error: less than 5‰.
  • Loading capacity:not less than 460kg,can load 4 people.
  • Equipped with no less than 100L coupled water tank, the water volume is visual.

Safety Performance Requirement

  • Safety belt, horn, windshield, lights, stone sweeper, anti-overturning device and other safety protection devices.
  • The luminance at 50m is not less than 2lx to meet the needs of night work.
  • All instruments are complete, with speed, power, warning and other information display, visible at night.
Main Features:
Disassembld Structure
The UR18-D ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle platform is disassembled, as a result, only two persons necessary to carry each part, and the weight of each part is less than 48kg, so this feature makes operation easier.

Non-Destructive Detection Wheel
The rail flaw detection vehicle uses 9-channel wheel probe, the normal operation at a maximum speed of 15km/h; and the wheel holder can control the position and the angle automatically. The angles can be adjusted by the operator through the console, in a word, this centring system is flexible and reliable, without loosening and blocking a lttile.

Software System
The main menu of the detection program includes major items including A scan, B scan, and management items. Data management computer system (or software) can record, playback, and transfer job information (unit, personnel, time, line name, line, and mileage), speed, sensitivity, and A/B type data, etc.
A-Scan interface
A-Scan interface

A-Scan interface











B-Scan Interface
B-Scan interface

B-Scan interface










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Check the video of UR18-D ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle here, or you can contact us directly for more product details !

Additional information
Frame Material

Titanium alloy

Probe Quantity


Detected Rail Type

43kg/m ~ 75kg/m

Detection Speed


Loading Weight


Power Supply

Lithium Battery



Environment Temperature