Enterprise of Ultra Instrument Inc.


People oriented, customer first, realistic and pragmatic. Seek a suitable way for enterprise development and business operation in the market competition, create value with products and services, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


Stand up to the tide and be the first. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Only through innovation can an enterprise maintain its vigorous vitality and always maintain its leading position in innovation and R & D.


Standardize management, operate in good faith and give back to the society. Establish a sound corporate governance structure, operation mechanism and business process, uphold the professional spirit and professional style, earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of an enterprise citizen and win the recognition of the market.


Ambitious, clear goals, the pursuit of excellence, endless. “Surpassing ourselves and always striving for the first” is the goal pursued by ultra instrument inc., and it is also the spiritual driving force for the company to win competitive advantage.