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Ultra Instrument Inc. is an international leading manufacturer of rail flaw testing equipment. We supply our technology, products and services to many countries and regions. With the popularization of railway transportation in the world and the improvement of train speed, both railway main line and urban subway projects will have higher requirements for rail flaw detection. The new situation requires not only higher sensitivity of relevant equipment, but also higher speed and efficiency.
The non-destructive wheel probe technology of our company apply to different testing devices. A convenient RT10-C hand push type rail flaw detection trolley 5km/h (3.1miles/h); Electric UR18-D double rail flaw detection vehicle 15km/h (9.3miles/h); GT6600 hi-rail flaw detection vehicle 40km/h (25miles/h), which can adapt to various railway lines and worse working environments. The test data is uploaded to an analysis center and reviewed by experts who determine the locations requiring manual verification.
We can provide railway customers around the world with the most scientific rail flaw testing equipment. The best pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales technical service support, and provide customers with a complete set of data support. We provide on-site technical training for engineers, practical training and construction team support according to different customer needs.  And we are also capable of supplying the greatest support for customer technical teams to participate in training and learning in our company.
Our goal is to make more contributions to the global rail flaw detection device and better ensure the safety of railway operation.
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