Ultra Instrument Inc is located in the high technology Silicon Valley of CA, USA. The company is founded by the engineers with more than 20 years experience of ultrasonic rail testing instrumentation development, our engineers have advanced degrees in ultrasonic, electronics and mechanics. We are the inventor and leader of dual rail ultrasonic flaw detector, our new general GT6600 hi-rail ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle is the latest technology for rail defect detection industry.

We are the world leading technology and ongoing commitment to research and development of ultrasonic rail detection technology, we have advantages both in hardwares and software systems, our target is not only supply the right detection product, but also supply the complete solution of rail inspection & preventation, as a manufacturer we will devote to the product renewal and sustainable service for a long time.


“Ultra Instrument Inc. ” is a manufacturer of ultrasonic rail detection equipment and a supplier of integrated rail testing scheme. It has been 23 years of industry experience, among which”ULTRA INSTRUMENT™ is a well-known trademark of ultrasonic testing equipment. Our goal is to promote our rail testing equipment worldwide. We have established the influence of our trademark, and let our technology and services can serve customers around the world. Inventor of a double track steel-rail flaw detector and co-developer of hi-rail ultrasonic flaw detection vehicle with more than a dozen invention patents.