RT10-C Hand Push Portable Rail Flaw Detector

RT10-C is a hand push portable rail flaw detector. It offers both A-scan and B-scan with B-scan as the recommended testing mode.  B-scan is continuously recordable and is driven by shaft encoder. With a pulse every 3 mm and properly configured 9 channel wheel probe, the system provides the most reliable rail flaw detection.  Windows user interfaces are built in the instrument.  The operation of the instrument is essentially like the operation of a high speed testing vehicle, the operator can even put icons on the screen. With high brightness LCD screen and operation range from -30oC ~80oC (-22oF~122oF),  the instrument can operate in most tough environment. The instrument has the following specification.
  • Highlight A/B scan LCD interface
  • Special railway measurement certificate
  • Linux based user interface
  • Dust-proof & water-proof design
  • Withstand harsh outdoor environment
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RT10-C Hand Push Portable Rail Flaw Detector
The RT10-C hand push portable rail flaw detector, adopting common single rail detection trolley by manual, uses customized chassis, high-performance industrial computer and three prevention tablet computer, which ensures that the detection system can have high reliability, easy to carry even in harsh field working environment. The double scanning system can detect the rail in an all-round way, which has the characteristics of accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness, and the flaw detection rate can reach more than 90%.
Flaw Detector Specification
Main Processor: 500MHz
Channels: 10 channels, in which nine channels are used for scanning of the rail, one channel is used for hand verification of defect in hand test mode.
Test mode:  simultaneous A-scan and B-scan.
Frequency Range: 2~4MHz
Repetition Rate:  Driven by encoder, 3mm/pulse
Pulser: 520V negative spike
Detection Range: Applicable to 90~145lb Rail
Testing Speed: up to 5km/hour
Gain Range:  0~80dB in 1dB step
Alarm: Threshold level adjustable, slope line detection
Data file recording range: 200 miles, selectable up to 400 miles
Battery: Lithium 14.4V, 10.0 ampere hour up to 9 hours. Recharge time 4 hours
Charger:  100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
Display:  Amorphous silicon TFT LCD panel with LED, 8.4 inch diagonal, 800×600 resolution, high brightness.
GPS Differential GPS, 1Hz, < 5 meter.
Temperature Range:  Operating -30oC  ~ 80oC (-22°F~176°F),
Storage :-40oC  ~ 85oC (-40°F~185°F),
Size:  330x240x220mm (13×9.4×8.5inch)
Weight(including battery): 4kg ( 9lb)
Walking Stick Specification:
Material: ABS
Water tank: 18 liter
Temperature Range:  Operating -30oC  ~ 80oC (-22°F~176°F),
Storage: -40oC  ~ 85oC(-40°F~185°F),
Size:  430x850x920mm (16.9×33.4×36.2 inch)
Weight:  20kg (44lb) with ground walking part, 16kg(36lb) without ground walking part
interface of RT10-C rail detection trolley

interface of RT10-C rail detection trolley

RT10 portable rail flaw detection push cart series.

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A/B Scan

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-30℃~ 80℃

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11V (Lithium battery)

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