Our values are innovation, excellence, standardization and guarantee

Technological innovation is the soul of enterprise development. It creates value with products and services, has clear goals, pursues excellence and strives to be the first. Create rail testing equipment with better quality and more stable performance for customers, ensure railway operation safety, earnestly fulfill corporate social responsibility and win the trust of customers.

Global Brand Strategy

Actively expand the overseas market and strive to become a well-known ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle enterprise and a well-known brand serving global railway companies.

ultra instrument service team

State of The Art

The non-contact of the wheel probe ensures the good coupling of the track on the curve section and the track surface,  with 95% damage detection rate.

sustainable service support


We provide long-term support for equipment, accessories and technical services, the fastest delivery time and the most preferred delivery method, and  full range of service solutions.

Core Technology

To be the highest price-to-cost device for rail flaw detection
rail flaw detector centering system

Wheel Probes

The wheel probe centering system is flexible and reliable. It can be automatically adapted to the change of rail gauge distance.

Leading reformation of rail flaw detection field by using 9-channel wheel probes for complete inspection of rail.

disassembled rail flaw detection vehicle frame

Disassembled Vehicle Frame

Patented disassembled structure, only two persons necessary to carry any single module. The weight of each module is less than 48kg. Full Titanium alloy material vehicle body .

Playback software

Replay Software System

Data management software system can record, replay and transfer job information (unit, personnel, time, line name, line, mileage, etc.), speed, gain, A/B scan data, etc

Military grade notebook

Military Notebook & Console

Can be rain-proof, waterproof, dustproof, earthquake-proof, suitable for harsh environment, real-time sensitivity autoregulation function and data transmission function.

We Serve

Establish cooperation with the world’s excellent railway companies

In 2017, the company’s dual-rail ultrasonic flaw detection vehicle served the city rail in Canada.

In 2016, our company passed the inspection and review of rail flaw detection equipment by Xi’an Railway Bureau, and participated in the industry standard designation of rail flaw detection equipment of China Railway Corporation in the same year.

In 2018, the ultrasonic rail flaw detection operation site of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya, Africa.


Ultra Instrument Inc.

Ultra Instrument Inc. is located in the high technology Silicon Valley of CA, USA. The company is founded by the engineers with more than 20 years experience of ultrasonic rail testing instrumentation development, our engineers have advanced degrees in ultrasonic, electronics and mechanics. We are the inventor and leader of UR18-D dual rail ultrasonic flaw detector, our new general GT6600 hi-rail ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle is the latest technology for rail defect detection industry.

We are the world leading technology and ongoing commitment to research and development of ultrasonic rail detection technology, we have advantages both in hardwares and software systems, our target is not only supply the right detection product, but also supply the complete solution of rail inspection & preventation and sustainable service for a long time.

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