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Advantages of Wheel Probe Detection Technology

Advantages of Wheel Type Probe

Patent Series No.201520550448

Quote from Dr. Zhanghan

The utility model discloses an ultrasonic wheel probe for a motor flaw detection vehicle, wherein the support is connected with the flaw detection vehicle through a support shaft, the support is connected with a step block, the step block has a plurality of inclined planes at a predetermined angle with the horizontal direction, one or more ultrasonic transducers are installed on each inclined plane, the ultrasonic transducer and the support are located in the coupling medium container, The coupling medium container is filled with coupling medium, and the ultrasonic transducer and support are immersed in the coupling medium In the utility model, the plastic step block is used as the ultrasonic probe of the support of the ultrasonic transducer, and the ultrasonic secondary refraction is used to overcome the disadvantage of the change of ultrasonic refraction angle in the rail caused by the change of liquid sound velocity with temperature, so as to make the ultrasonic flaw detection more stable and reliable

Three advantages of wheel probe technology:

  • The probe has good non-contact coupling, and there is no wave loss in the curve side wear section;
  • All probe positions can be known by observing the bottom wave signal, and the operation and adjustment is simple;
  • Small rolling friction loss and convenient maintenance.
wheel type detection probe

wheel type detection probe